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Loventi Inc., made its first breakthrough in the food sector with Puratos A.Ş., founded in 1987 by Levent M. Tosyalı. With the first "Donut & Waffles" branch in Ataköy Galeria, Loventi Inc. introduced Turkey in 1998 with the original Belgian Waffles, and turned this product into a flavor chain.

Loventi has managed to reach the world market by concentrating its experience in the sector on all innovative food machineries. Under the brand name of 'Loventi Inc.', its expert staff combines this experience with its new discoveries in the field of food machinery and makes it known as a company that makes R&D based machinery, system designs and system productions to domestic, foreign and especially European Union countries. The company has always shaped its vision with the motto 'Exceed Your Limits' and continues its efforts to provide the best and highest quality service in the sector.

Waffle & Pancake Products

Following the successful introduction of our American Waffle Baker, we are pleased to announce that we have developed the perfect Belgian Waffle Baker, cut from a 100% stainless steel.

After years of research and technical developments, our BWB Baker successfully fulfills all requirements for baking the perfect Brussels Waffle and / or Sugar Liège Waffle.

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About App

With a mobile app that can be controlled via an online application and that is directly connected to the waffle machines, it is possible to follow up each stage of the waffle baking process and program the baking time and temperature.

The application also allows us to monitor the exact amount of baked waffle units. This unique system has many advantages for the end user and the service providing distributor.

Customer Feedbacks

Tufan Öztürk

Ürün fiyat/performans olarak çok başarılı buldum. Böyle bir ürüne sahip olduğum için çok mutluyum. Loventi firmasına ve çalışanları çok teşekkür ediyorum.

Sinem Karal

2 dakikada pisiriyor kürdanla alıyorum 3. derecede pisiriyorum rengi büyüklüğü tam ideal bayıldım.

Ayşe Su

Kullanımı çok kolay ve sınırsız waffle keyfi, çocuklar bayılıyor...


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